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10 Years Of The Town Drunks

Amidst all of the recent playing, boozing and trivia-ing, we kind of forgot an important point: This month marks The Town Drunks’ 10th year together. We started this thing in February 2006 after we had just turned 21 years old. We were drinking Milwaukee’s Best Ice in a parking lot or a landfill or something one night and ended up saying, “We should see if we can get a weekly gig somewhere, just the two of us playing acoustic stuff. It’d be easy since there’s only two of us and we wouldn’t have to practice all that much, plus we could probably drink for free”. 100 West in west county ended up hiring us to play every Wednesday for four hours for free drinks and a whopping $80 (to split!). They eventually started giving us some weekends and a pay raise and from there people apparently started liking what we did and we began playing other venues around town. We added trivia to our repertoire in 2010 after the economy really started lagging and bars just didn’t have the money to hire live music during the week. We said, “Hey, how can we be smartasses, get drunk AND still get paid for it?? We know, let’s host trivia!!”. Fast forward to 2016 and we still practice as little as possible and demand to drink for free wherever we go. It’s been a heck of a ride and eventually someday it’ll just be really sad but until then, thanks for helping us carry this thing on and for continuing to come see us. We really do have fun with this and we’re glad you guys do too. Here’s to 10 more years (jesus christ…)!

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Year In Review

While we prepare our bodies for the gauntlet of alcohol we’re going to put them through tonight, we wanted to take a second and reflect on the year that has passed. We think we can confidently say that 2015 has been the best year yet for us. We picked up several new venues that we’ve been wanting to play for quite some time, we added a bevy of new songs to our repertoire, we’ve thrown up in public, and we’ve made shitloads of new friends who continue to support us wherever we play or host trivia. We, two smartmouthed jackoffs with guitars, also somehow managed to take home the award for Best Cover Band in the Riverfront Times Music Awards, back in June, which is still something for which we never even expected to be nominated, much less, win and we still can’t thank you all enough for that.

February 2016 is the 10 year (yes, 10. Fucking. Years.) anniversary of this band and we have some fun crap planned for the month. So, in all seriousness, thank you guys for coming to to hear us play and coming to trivia every single week. You all make this a blast and as long as you keep coming out, we’ll keep playing and slinging verbal abuse. Now, go buy your bottle of Crystal Palace Vodka and get to partying. We were planning on ringing in the new year at Queen Of Hearts but now that’s awash…

Happy New Year, friends
-Jeff & Dave

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Voted ‘Best Cover Band’ in the 2015 RFT Music Awards!!

Welp, it’s official: The Town Drunks have been voted Best Cover Band in the 2015 Riverfront Times Music Awards! We are honored to take home the title and we seriously cannot thank you guys enough for your votes and your ongoing support. You always make this a fun job for us. So, what does this mean for us? It means we get a trophy, a little bit of our dignity back and we get to charge double what we normally do but we bet that girls still won’t talk to us… Now, we’re going to celebrate over the next two nights by doing whippits and shots of pureed chuck roast. Thanks again!!! Check out all the winners here.

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Voting In The 2015 RFT Music Awards Is OPEN!

As you probably already heard, we’re nominated for Best Cover Band in the 2015 Riverfront Times Music Awards. The polls are now open so we need you to head to this link, get your votes in and make sure to spread the word through your social media pages and your mouth! The polls close on June 19th and we’ll be performing at the Awards Showcase on June 20 (more info on that is coming). Thanks in advance for all your support. Now get your big ass in the polling booth!

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Nominated For ‘Best Cover Band’ In The 2015 RFT Music Awards

If you can believe this, we’ve been nominated for ‘Best Cover Band’ in the 2015 Riverfront Times Music Awards! Voting will be open to the public by May 18, so once that happens, we’ll need you to flood the ballot boxes with your vote for yours truly. We will also most likely be playing the Awards Showcase on June 20 in The Grove so keep those eyes open for that timeslot. If we win this, it means we’ll finally be able to shed that ‘Most Likely To Vomit Off The Balcony At The Fox Theater’ title that we were awarded in high school. Regardless of how this turns out, though, it’s your support, alcoholism and constant verbal assault that helped us get nominated, so we thank you profusely. Check out all the 2015 nominees here.

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New Shows, New Venues, New Tuesday Gig!

Happy Spring, fellow drunks! Summer is oh-so-close and we have some really cool announcements to go along with it. First up: Beginning Tuesday April 28, we will be performing every Tuesday night from 8pm-12am at Trainwreck Saloon in Westport Plaza! That said, April 21 will be our last night hosting trivia at 612 Kitchen & Cocktails in Kirkwood. 612 does plan on continuing trivia on Tuesdays so fear not. We’re sure they’ll find one or two MUCH better looking trivia hosts than us once we’re gone. Look for us playing music there this summer, though. Second: We’ll be heading back down to Westminister College in Fulton, MO on Sat. April 25 to once again party with the wild boys of the Kappa Alpha fraternity for alumni weekend! We’ll be supplying the tunes from 8pm-12am(ish) and the party is open to students and alumni. If you were there last year, you know how insane this party got and we couldn’t be more pumped to be doing it again! Third: We’re returning to the Budweiser Brew House @ Ballpark Village on Fri. May. 8. Last but not least, we’ll FINALLY be making our Helen Fitzgerald’s debut this fall/winter! We’ll be doing happy hour, 5pm-8pm on Oct. 23 and Nov. 13 and if all goes well, you’ll be seeing us there much more through the colder months. We hope to pound beers with all of you soon. As always, thanks for your support. Cheers!

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Tuesday Trivia In Kirkwood Starts This Week!

We’re sure you’ve been missing our Tuesday night trivia sessions but fear not, for we will now be hosting on Tuesday nights at 612 Kitchen & Cocktails (formerly Graham’s Grill) in Kirkwood, MO every Tuesday night starting this week! Sessions begin at 8pm, it’s free to play and you’ll be competing for booze, prizes and other fun stuff. Grab a team and let’s show Kirkwood how stupid we can get…

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Goodbye, Indigo Joe’s…

We received word yesterday (Nov. 9) that our beloved Tuesday night trivia spot, Indigo Joe’s, closed its doors for good. No reason was given to us but with that said, Tuesday trivia at IJ’s is no more. They were the second venue to hire us for trivia and that was way back in 2010. We met some wonderful folks through our Tuesday night shenanigans who have been massive supporters of what we do and have played our trivia sessions damn near every week for the better part of four years. The staff were some of the best people we’ve ever had the pleasure of working for/with and are truly part of The Town Drunks family. It’s sad to see them go but we wish them all nothing but the best of luck in future endeavors. We will be looking for a new spot for Tuesday trivia so if anyone has any suggestions, please let us know. Cheers to Indigo Joe’s!

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Cardinals Postseason = Wacky Schedule

It’s that time of year again, when the St. Louis Cardinals begin their quest for World Series glory and that means our schedule gets a bit screwy. Please be sure to check here or, better yet, our Facebook page to make sure our performances are going on as scheduled. If there is a Cardinals game on a night where we’re playing music, we will begin after the game ends. If there’s a game taking place on a trivia night, it’s up to the venue whether or not trivia will go on as scheduled. Usually, Nick’s Pub will skip trivia. Indigo Joe’s is usually not affected. Krieger’s will usually have us go on as scheduled or start late. Again, please check our Facebook for any schedule changes. Sorry for any confusion and thanks for understanding. Go Cards!

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Get Lakey

Is there any way to make Lake Of The Ozarks a more fun place to party during the summer months? Scientists hypothesize that by partying with us, your weekend will be 15-300 times more fun. Come test their theory and join us as we play TWO NIGHTS at Paradise on the 24 mile marker, Saturday August 16 from 7pm-11pm and Sunday August 17 from 5pm-9pm. Paradise is a fantastic multi-level outdoor establishment on the lake with food, music and, of course, tons of alcohol! Our best pals at Lake Of The Ozarks Water Taxi are sponsoring these shows and if you need a ride to and/or from the bar, they’re the ones that will get you there safely and cheaply! Make your plans now because it is sure to be an epic weekend. More details will be announced in the coming months!


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