10 Years Of The Town Drunks

Amidst all of the recent playing, boozing and trivia-ing, we kind of forgot an important point: This month marks The Town Drunks’ 10th year together. We started this thing in February 2006 after we had just turned 21 years old. We were drinking Milwaukee’s Best Ice in a parking lot or a landfill or something one night and ended up saying, “We should see if we can get a weekly gig somewhere, just the two of us playing acoustic stuff. It’d be easy since there’s only two of us and we wouldn’t have to practice all that much, plus we could probably drink for free”. 100 West in west county ended up hiring us to play every Wednesday for four hours for free drinks and a whopping $80 (to split!). They eventually started giving us some weekends and a pay raise and from there people apparently started liking what we did and we began playing other venues around town. We added trivia to our repertoire in 2010 after the economy really started lagging and bars just didn’t have the money to hire live music during the week. We said, “Hey, how can we be smartasses, get drunk AND still get paid for it?? We know, let’s host trivia!!”. Fast forward to 2016 and we still practice as little as possible and demand to drink for free wherever we go. It’s been a heck of a ride and eventually someday it’ll just be really sad but until then, thanks for helping us carry this thing on and for continuing to come see us. We really do have fun with this and we’re glad you guys do too. Here’s to 10 more years (jesus christ…)!

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